Changing the destiny of nations, one man, one family, one village at a time.


Prayer: First and foremost we covet your prayer support to help guide us in diligently carrying out the Work.Restoration of the Nations - Opportunities Go to our blog to receive a regular update of requests.

Support: Personal support for Preston and Sandra Barnum.

General Fund: Contributions for use in ministry overhead, administration, emergency and relief support. Include any and all projects not specified by donor or Where Most Needed.

Sponsorships Funds: You can sponsor a student going through the vocational program. The costs will cover training of the student as well as meals (hungry students don’t concentrate because of weakness), transportation and lodging, if necessary when students live outside of area.

Equipment and Tools: For use in the teaching of and implementing woodworking/cabinet building and construction techniques.

Construction Supplies: Wood in order to craft tables, chairs, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. Materials for temporary repairs of the homes belonging to the widows and orphans.

Projects in village: As part of the on the job training, we will be working in the villages to upgrade the homes of those most in need. Concrete floors instead of dirt, safe electrical wiring, and good roofs over head to keep them dry, will be among the projects. You can sponsor one of the projects by donating towards the purchase of materials.

Restoration of the Nations - Opportunities

Land Purchase: We are in need of funds to purchase land for the mission. We have found 10 Manzanas which equals 17 ˝ acres of flat, extremely fertile soil in the shadow of San Cristobal Volcano at Chichigalpa between Leon and Chinendega. The land will contain a permanent residence for Preston & Sandra. We will also construct a multipurpose building to be used as a workshop, cabinet shop and warehouse. In the front of this building will be a retail shop to sell the furniture and offices for the ministry. Over top of the building will be a dormitory for the young men. In addition we will plant crops, fruit trees, raise chickens and other livestock. This will allow the ministry to be self sufficient and also feed the students.

Multi-Purpose Building: Materials to construct the school, workshop, retail space, dormitory all to be built by the students as an apprenticeship program.

Personal Residence: Materials to construct home for Preston & Sandra and to be built by the students as an apprenticeship program.

“A huge door of opportunity for good work has opened up here.” 1Cor.16:9

“Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all people.” Ps. 96:3